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APA Planner Talks (Ep. 3): Public Participation + Dialogue with Gabe Teran

In December 2020, APA Central Coast sat down with a community advocate and leader from Ventura County's City of Oxnard to talk about public particpation, civic dialogue, and community relations. Speaking with Oxnard's Gabe Teran, the conversation shared insights and experieces from Oxnard as well as how the citywide neighborhood council system contributes to public particpation and dialogue. 

Gabe Teran is a community health advocate, proponent of positive youth development, husband, father, and third-generation Oxnard resident. Though, he has spent the entirety of his 17-year career working with underserved youth and communities all throughout Ventura County. He has a Master of Science in Management and Leadership, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (that comes in handy in this line of work more often than you’d think). Mr. Teran it active in the City of Oxnard's Inter Neighborhood Council Organization (Vice Chair), Fremont South Neighborhood Council (Chair), and Parks and Recreation Commission (Commissioner)

Click to watch the recording: APA Planner Talks (Episode 3): Public Particpation + Dialogue with Gabe Teran (20:57)

Friday, January 1, 2021 - 00:00

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