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State Street Master Planner

Job Description

The State Street Master Planner reports to the Community Development Director and plans, organizes, manages, and directs the work of the State Street Plaza Master Plan. Develops policy involving the interpretation of complex laws, rules, regulations and sensitive, and often controversial State Street Plaza use issues that may lead to a State Street Plaza capital project and policies for the development of the heart of the City of Santa Barbara. Participates in major current planning. Leads major studies and projects for the State Street corridor; manages staff, programs, contract services, and division budget; makes presentations and provides staff support to the City Council, Planning Commission, State Street Advisory Committee, other boards and commissions, community organizations and outside officials. The State Street Master Planner acts as a division manager and has broad responsibility for planning, policies, programs, and services focused on the State Street Plaza corridor. The position requires a thorough knowledge of physical, social and economic principles of urban and resources planning, pedestrian mall concepts and the ability to integrate diverse planning activities with the overall objectives of the community. The State Street Master Planner will supervise a full-time Project Planner. Performs related duties as assigned.

Job Information

Job Title:
State Street Master Planner
Required Skills/Experience/Education:

KNOWLEDGE OF: Theories, principles, standards, practices, information sources and trends in the fields of current and advanced planning, land use, historic preservation, physical design, demographic, environmental, social/economic, promenade/city pedestrian corridor planning, and statistical analysis techniques applied to municipal planning. Applicable Federal, State and local laws, rules and regulations, including state planning laws. Applicable Federal, State and local laws, rules and regulations, including state planning laws, California Environmental Quality Act, Brown Act, Local Government Reorganization Act and National Environmental Policy Act. Application, modification, and inter-relationships among laws, rules, ordinances, policies, guidelines, procedures and practices associated with municipal planning. Budgeting processes.

Salary Range:
$131,085.24 - $159,334.76 Annually
Position Start Date:
August 9, 2021
Position Type:
Job Application Due Date:
July 8, 2021
Date Added to Website: June 22, 2021

Contact Information

Organization Name:
City of Santa Barbara
630 Garden St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
United States
Job Category:
Land Use, Urban Design
Phone Number:

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