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Associate Planner

Job Description

The City is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic Associate Planner who has the ability to develop and maintain positive and on-going relationships and interactions with the public, City staff, and consultants; the ability to complete tasks in a timely manner; and the appropriate skills in managing multiple projects and activities at the same time. The position will assist the Planning Directory/Deputy City Manager in administering the City’s Zoning Ordinances, General Plan, and various other programs in support of the City’s residents and businesses. The position will also prepare complex planning reports, and make recommendations on development permit applications; coordinate and evaluate development proposals and various permit applications; confer with and advise architects, builders, contractors, engineers, and the general public regarding City development policies and standards; undertake current or advance planning studies and projects, and conduct surveys and basic research; cooperate with the public in responding to inquiries, both orally and in writing, regarding zoning, planning, or related issues; analyze data and project information with respect to relevant laws, ordinances, regulations, and policies; determine methods to reconcile project conflicts with legal and policy requirements; conduct field inspections of signs, landscaping, buildings, etc. to ensure compliance with City development, zoning, and planning policies; prepare amendments to the City’s General Plan, zoning ordinance, and Subdivision Ordinance; manage and exercise professional discretion in processing overthe-counter zone clearance activities; coordinate enforcement of City codes and integrate enforcement with the activities of the City’s Special Prosecutor; perform related work as required. 

Job Information

Job Title:
Associate Planner
Position Level:
Associate Planner
Required Skills/Experience/Education:


The ideal candidate will have knowledge of the principles and practices of urban planning; state law and local ordinances and codes governing land use, development standards, environmental regulations including the Subdivision Map Act and CEQA; and site planning and architectural review, including experience in writing reports, public speaking, familiarity with the use of desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones. A knowledge of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook and basic computer skills is required. The position requires the ability to lift to 50 lbs., work both indoors and outdoors, and stand for long periods of time. The City of Westlake Village relies on the “contract city model” for the delivery of services by retaining a small, cross-trained staff. The City of Westlake Village prides itself on having staff who are highly responsive and dedicated to providing assistance beyond its residents’ expectations. The Associate Planner will be part of a team that emphasizes these qualities in meeting the needs of the organization and community.


Education: This position requires a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning, architecture, geography, or a related field. Additional graduate training is desirable.

Experience: This position requires a minimum of two to four years in a responsible full-time position in technical planning, with two years city or county agency experience desirable.

Salary Range:
Other Benefits:
Retirement: Classic Member - PERS 3% @ 60, highest three years. Employee pays 5.8% of the contribution, which is deducted from salary on a pre-tax basis, as a cost share. New Member - PERS 2% @ 62, highest three years. Employee pays 6.25% of the contribution, which is deducted from salary on a pre-tax basis, as a cost share. Medical Insurance: City contributes up to $1,615/month through a cafeteria plan for employee and dependent coverage for CalPERS medical insurance, dental and vision. Retiree Health Insurance: City contribution for retiree health insurance for retired employees with at least five years of service with the City. Other Insurance Benefits: City pays 100% of AD&D, short and long-term disability insurance. Vacation: 10-20 days annual accrual based on years of service. Additional Leave: 12 days of sick leave per year, 14 days paid holiday leave per year. Deferred Compensation: City contributes $50/month match into an ICMA 457 plan.
Position Type:
Job Application Due Date:
June 7, 2019
Date Added to Website: May 6, 2019

Contact Information

Organization Name:
City of Westlake Village
31200 Oak Crest Drive
Westlake Village, CA 91361
United States
Job Category:
Land Use
Phone Number:

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