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The Planning Division is currently seeking a entry-level professional planner. The ideal candidate will have a strong background and/or interest in working with project applicants, other City departments, government agencies, decision-makers, and the public to process development projects through environmental, design and development review, and building permit plan check.

An Assistant Planner performs basic level project review for compliance with policies and regulations, complex plans examination, gathers and analyzes data, and prepares staff reports and special studies, generally under close supervision. Work in this position is characterized by a combination of typical urban planning assignments with some complex and controversial assignments involving important community issues such as affordable housing, transportation, land use policies and development standards, growth management, and environmental protection. The desired candidate will have a strong foundation in providing good customer service, a solution-oriented approach to resolving issues and conflicts, and a willingness to adapt to regulations and procedures to simplify and streamline project review.

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