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The purpose of the APA's California Awards Program is to encourage quality in planning and increase the public's awareness of the planning profession through recognizing outstanding achievement in the planning field. APA California annually presents numerous Planning Awards to honor the most outstanding efforts in planning in California. The program honors innovative plans and projects, distinguished APA members, contributors to planning, and the achievements of APA California Sections.

The APA California Awards Program encourages quality in planning and increases the public's awareness of the planning profession by recognizing outstanding achievements in the planning field. The Central Coast APA California Awards Program annually presents numerous Central Coast Planning Awards to honor and recognize outstanding efforts and achievements in planning in the Central Coast Section. The Central Coast Planning Awards Event is a chance for APA Members, colleagues, and friends to gather for a splendid evening of cocktails, dinner, entertainment and a planning showcase of awards. This is the Central Coast Section's one event that all three counties can meet and greet each other and we can see colleagues we haven't seen in a while and we always have an opportunity to meet new ones!

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The Planning Academy provides an engaging opportunity for citizens to learn about community planning, public involvement, governmental organization, and other related land use and environmental issues. Planning Academy speakers are knowledgeable planners and expert practitioners. 

The Central Coast Section of the California Chapter of the American Planning Association annually hosts the Planning Academy, a course in local land use planning. The Planning Academy is open to all residents and is expected to be attended by engaged community members, government officials, real estate and design professionals, land use planners, and city and county planning commissioners.

The Planning Academy is designed to provide an overview of local government, how it is financed, and the impact of State and Federal laws, environmental policy, and planning issues facing the host County and its cities today. The program typically includes several meetings to help participants become more informed, confident and comfortable in participating in local land use planning decisions.

In a mix of lecture, panel discussion and group interaction, Planning Academy topics cover a range of planning issues such as zoning history and legal context; environmental review laws and procedures; natural resource management; redevelopment, government and real estate economics; regional government; transportation and infrastructure; urban design; water and utility planning and constraints, affordable housing, ethics and civic engagement. Each evening will cover a different topic.

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