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Upcoming Events

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April 19
Join fellow planners for trail talks in Ventura County
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April 30
Emerging Planning Professionals host a networking event at UCSB
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May 1
The Coastal Housing Coalition invites you to sponsor or register to attend the 6th Annual Santa Barbara Housing Conference on Friday, May 1, 2020 at the historic Carrillo Recreation Center
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May 7
How well do you CEQA? Find out at Trivia Night!
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June 11
APA and AEP join forces for a fun night of CEQA trivia and sharing knowledge!

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Tri-County News

We all have ideas for improving our annual conferences, so here is your opportunity. 

Clay Downing shares his observations from a recent trip to Oaxaca City, Mexico and what planning opportunities he witnessed while traveling.


Who are the Central Coast Section's Student Representatives?

APA membership is now free to all full- and part-time students, and new APA sign-ups can save big on membership dues...

Professional Development

Berkeley TechTransfer offers more classes with AICP CM credits


New AICP members John Novi and AICP Candidate Tanner Shelton, share tips on how to pass the AICP exam.

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