APA California and the Planner Emeritus Network (PEN) are excited to offer pro bono planning assistance to financially challenged communities in California and Baja California. Through the formation of a Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT) composed of experienced professionals and community leaders, a CPAT will collaborative with residents, municipalities, and community groups to provide customized planning, mentoring, and technical services. The goals of the CPAT program are to promote community education, engagement, and empowerment and to create equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and healthy communities.

We are seeking project proposals.

For more information on the CPAT program and to submit a Community Request for Assistance Form, please go to the APA California CPAT webpage. We also encourage APA members to offer ideas and suggest potential communities that could benefit from CPAT assistance. Additionally, fill out the Volunteer Form if you are interested in offering your services. This is an ideal opportunity to give back to the community and planning profession as well as earn AICP CM credits. For more information, please contact Hanson Hom, AICP, PEN President and CPAT Coordinator at hansonapa@gmail.com.