The Central Coast Climate Collaborative (4C) and Santa Barbara County Regional Climate Collaborative will host Balance: Getting to Carbon Neutrality through Sequestration and Offsets, a carbon sequestration webinar series that will engage a diverse array of community members and stakeholders to learn about carbon sequestration and offset market principles as well as foster understanding of the needs, partners, and actions required to implement projects. This series will include issues of national and statewide interest, but topics and projects will focus on those relevant to California’s Central Coast.

The webinar series will include five (5)  sessions aimed at:

  1. Introducing potential stakeholders to carbon sequestration and offset market principles,
  2. Explaining regulatory market drivers, dynamics, barriers and opportunities; and
  3. Facilitating dialogue on sequestration and offset supply and demand, fostering connections and projects, and addressing barriers.

Hosted jointly by the Central Coast Climate Collaborative (4C) and Santa Barbara County Regional Climate Collaborative, the series was created and is offered through a collaborative effort that invites numerous stakeholders to learn more about carbon sequestration and offsets. Organizations and individuals across the Central Coast are actively seeking ways to learn more about carbon sequestration, offsets, and opportunities to support local projects. This webinar series will share broadly the learning and connections made through this series with those who choose to participate.

Event Details

  • Format: All sessions will be conducted virtually via Zoom.
  • Session Descriptions and Panelist Information: Visit our project website at for details.
  • Dates and Times: Each session will begin at 3:30 PM and will be approximately 1.5 or 2 hours in duration. The 5-week series offers weekly sessions beginning April 19th and ending on May 18th.
  • Registration: Registration is required and may be completed online at Please note that Sessions 1 through 4 require a separate registration from Session 5.
  • Cost: All sessions available at no cost. 
  • Intended Audience: The series welcomes a variety of stakeholders, particularly those including on the Central Coast, including growers and ranchers, local agencies from counties and cities, State agencies, special districts including Resource Conservation Districts and Air Pollution Control Districts, nonprofit land managers and related advocates, project developers and consultants involved in climate action planning or climate mitigation, and  financial institutions involved in carbon offset and market solutions.