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Message from the Director
August 18, 2019
Summer Event at RRM in SBI recently attended a mixer organized by the Emerging Professionals group of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Santa Barbara Chapter, and was inspired by the initiative taken by their active group to introduce its members to interdisciplinary firms and professionals in Santa Barbara, in addition to informing members of what other firms are up to. RRM Design Group hosted this mixer and highlighted key projects. The invitation was extended to engineers, landscape architects and planners.
The hope is to mimic and replicate this type of event for the APA Central Coast within our 3 subsections. I strongly believe that these other disciplines will share insights with a different perspective and bring to the table a fresh take. The APA Central Coast Board is excited to instill these ideas from AIA and continue them onward. 
I look forward to talking soon,
Rachel Raynor
Director, Central Coast Section
American Planning Association, California Chapter
Fiesta 2019 in Santa Barbara
August 3, 2019 to September 3, 2019

For a bunch of planners, our Board did not necessarily plan our semi-annual retreat on a good weekend to meet in Santa Barbara, given that Fiesta, or Old Spanish Days, was in full swing on Saturday, August 3rd.

Nonetheless,after our retreat ended, a group of us ended up roaming the streets of downtown to take part in the festivities. For most of us, it was our first Fiesta weekend, so the obligatory egg cracking commenced, as did the general good vibes and friendly crowds. From a planning perspective – if you’ll humor the nerd in me, I really enjoyed seeing the vivacity seen on State Street. I kept thinking I’ve never seen this many people Downtown State Street before. Seeing so many groups of people, from a variety of demographics and generations come together to celebrate the City’s culture was inspiring, and not to mention the City’s ability to adequately absorb the large crowds and engage in a fun and safe filled Fiesta. Make sure to check the Fiesta 2020 festivities out next year!

Submitted by  Rachel Raynor (APA Central Coast Director), e: rcraynor@rrmdesign.com or connect on LinkedIn

The California Planning Foundation is Seeking Donations for this Year’s APA California Conference Auction and Raffle!!!
August 6, 2019

CPF is accepting Auction and Raffle Items for the 2019 Student Scholarship Fundraiser

Juan Borrelli, AICP, CPF President

The California Planning Foundation (CPF) is a nonprofit, charitable corporation with a mission to further the professional planning practice in California. In 2018, CPF awarded 39 scholarships totaling more than $58,000 to planning students throughout California. More scholarship information is available at the CPF website: https://californiaplanningfoundation.org/scholarships/.

CPF’s primary fundraising activities include the annual CPF auction and raffle events held at the APA California Conference, in Santa Barbara (September 15-18). One major change to this year’s event is a new auction format that will allow participants to bid online using a computer or smart device. Bidding on auction items will open up approximately two weeks prior to the start of the conference and the auction will culminate at the Online Auction Fundraiser, Celebration, and Reception Monday, September 16th. To pre-register to participate in the online auction click here

 This year, we’re excited to announce that the CPF raffle drawings will occur throughout the conference. You won’t want to miss the premier grand raffle prizes available exclusively at the CPF Online Auction Fundraiser, Celebration, and Reception on September 16th. 

 CPF always appreciates donations from our generous supporters. If you would like to donate items to the auction, here are a few suggestions:

• Weekend stays at your cabin, beach house, or local resort

• Day of consulting services

• Tickets to sporting events, movies, or live performance theaters

• New high-tech electronics

• Artwork, antiques, and family heirlooms designated to pass on

• New household decorating accessories

• Deluxe item(s) gift baskets

• Retail establishment, restaurant, coffee shop, candy store gift certificates

• Rare/out-of-print or “hot-off-the-press” planning books

• Individual bottles or a case(s) of wine

• Gift certificates

Remember, APA members are also CPF members, so if you want to support students and help defray the cost of their planning education, please donate. To donate items for the CPF auction or raffle, please fill out the attached donation form and email it to Aaron Pfannenstiel at calplanningauction@gmail.com or call him at (951) 444-9379 if you have any questions.

Message from the Director with Rachel Raynor | August 2019
August 4, 2019


For those of you who do not know me, my name is Rachel Raynor and I recently was appointed the APA Central Coast Director. I aspire to leave a small mark on this section of planners of California and envision this as one of the many ways I hope to do so. I’m super excited to continue this little series of ‘Messages from the Director’ for the APA Central Coast Section. My hope for this brief message, is to share in what the San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Sub Sections are up to, from my perspective. 

A majority of 2019, the APA Central Coast’s efforts have been invested in the planning of the 2019 APA California Conference in Santa Barbara. Rotating sections every 8 years, the state APA conference is a large undertaking for each section to host, welcome, and plan a truly unique and appropriate conference that finds the right balance of session topics, social opportunities, and learning moments. The Central Coast section is excited to bring other planners into the section, and particularly to showcase the beautiful City of Santa Barbara. The City holds a lot of opportunity for fun, networking, and growth; and with recent events offers a wealth of planning-related topics and resilient strategies. Will we see you in Santa Barbara in September? We sure hope so. 

Talk soon,

Rachel Raynor | APA Central Coast Director 

e: rcraynor@rrmdesign.com or connect with me on LinkedIn

CalPlanner Conference Issue Available Now! (CalPlanner Volume 19 | Issue 02)
July 20, 2019

CalPlanner - 2019 Conference IssueDon’t miss the CalPlanner Issue that highlights Central Coast issues and articles that tie in to this year’s APA California Conference which will be held this year in beautiful and historic Santa Barbara, one of America’s “Great Places”, on September 15-18, 2019. 

 This year's conference theme is A Resilient Future and will focus on tackling pressing and relevant local and statewide issues, including climate change, housing, energy, transportation, diversity, sea level rise, sustainability, economy, disaster, and recovery. Highlights of this issue include information about the Pre-Conference Sessions, the Opening Reception at the Santa Barbara Courthouse Sunken Gardens, over 100 conference sessions, 14 mobile workshops, the FREE Student Sunday, Keynote Speakers, special events and more.

Also, in this issue are articles in respect to planning efforts after the devastating wildfires that have caused great calamity in California such as an article by Clay Downing, Sam Carter and Anna Friedman entitled, Adapting for Wildfire and Climate Change: Insights into SoCal’s Resilience Initiative and an article by Rachel Raynor entitled, The Tale of Two Cities, and much more including a Legislative Update.

Remember the CalPlanner is available and can be viewed both as a digital flipbook or as a PDF, which can be printed if needed.  As usual, we welcome feedback and alerts to any errors. Click here to visit the July 2019 CalPlanner issue.

HCD Launches SB 2 Planning Grants Technical Assistance to Help Cities and Counties Accelerate Housing Production and Streamline Housing Approvals
July 20, 2019

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) proudly announced the SB 2 Planning Grants Technical Assistance (TA) Accelerating Housing Production webpage, where new resources, tools, and California's first-ever, statewide peer-to-peer sharing map are available.  All are designed to help cities and counties accelerate housing production and streamline housing approvals.

HCD's Accelerating Housing Production webpage is intended as a spot to find everything needed to speed up production in communities.


Interested individuals may visit the webpage to:

  • Check out our interactive map - HCD's peer-to-peer resource, where individuals may:

    • Learn what other cities/counties are doingto accelerate housing production, such as

      • Rezoning to permit by-right housing,

      • Promoting accessory dwelling units,

      • Developing objective design and development standards,

      • Implementing California Environmental Quality Act streamlining strategies,

      • Planning adaptation,

      • And more!

  • See which cities/counties are receiving TA from HCD to help them plan for housing and accelerate production.

  • View which cities/counties have applied to receive planning grantsfrom HCD and view status of each application.

  • Submit your jurisdiction's best practices for accelerating housing production for others to learn from and replicate.

 What's Next?

HCD's Accelerating Housing Production webpage will be updated regularly to include policies and implementation strategies from other cities/counties throughout the state, as well as additional toolkits and resources to help speed up housing production and approvals.


Coming Soon from HCD

  • Collection of customizable model ordinances and code amendments, with an emphasis on by-right zoning. Model ordinances will include:

    • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

    • Reasonable accommodation

    • Density bonus

    • Incentive zoning

    • A variety of housing-type ordinances

  • Objective design and development standards toolkit that will include examples on infill, multifamily development for both rural and urban type jurisdictions.

  • ADU toolkit that will include web-based calculator and permit-ready concepts

HCD says that it is looking forward to working with all cities and counties to successfully plan to meet your housing needs, comply with state housing law, and accelerate production, so every California resident can live, work, and play in healthy communities of opportunity.

APA California Legislative Update Available
July 20, 2019


By Eric Phillips (Vice President Policy and Legislation), Sande George (APA California Lobbyist), and Lauren De Valencia y Sanchez (APA California Lobbyist)

Follow this link to read the complete update. Here's an excerpt:

"Governor Newsom signed his first budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year on June 27th. The $214.8 billion budget creates the largest reserves in California's history and includes 147.8 billion in General Fund spending. The budget also includes $1.75 billion to accelerate the production of housing supply and assist local governments in meeting their housing goals."

AICP Maintenance Announcement: Opportunities Available
July 20, 2019

As climate change progresses “natural disasters” threaten more areas of the state with greater destructive force than ever before. The recovery process doesn’t make the headlines but planners play a vital role. How should planners prepare for the next disaster that may affect their city or region?  APA California invites you to enjoy: Disaster Recovery on the Planning Side: Innovations for the Future (CM | 1.5) 

Drawing on the experience of planners throughout California this panel covers disaster preparation; communication tools, plans, and constraints; and planning recovery innovations. Each speaker offers lessons learned and considers the politics, resources, and realities that could lead to or prevent implementation.

“A thoughtful review of the roles played by planning agencies during and following recent disasters in California including a series of major fires in San Diego County; the Thomas fire in Ventura County; and flooding and earthquakes in the City of Napa.”


Moderator: Lilly Rudolph, AICP Senior Program Manager, Rincon Consultants


  • Jeffery Lambert AICP, Community Development Director, City of Ventura;

  • Chris Stephens, Resource Management Agency Director, Ventura County; 

  • Amy Harbert, Assistant Director, Department of Environmental Health, County of San Diego;

  • Erin Morris, AICP, Planning and Code Enforcement Manager, City of Napa Community Development Department;

Cost: $15 (includes unlimited on-demand viewing). $10 per person for groups of two or more! ($15 for 1st person).

Watch it as a group or individually at your own pace (information on group showings is provided on the registration page). Full view of speakers, PowerPoint, quality sound, audience Q&A, and quick links to report CM credits. Pause and resume later without losing your place. Ideal for meeting spaces with digital screens.

Register here to obtain viewing link.

Questions? Contact Greg Konar, AICP, APA California Distance Education Coordinator. For additional APA California on-demand CM credit opportunities please click here.

Message from the Director
July 7, 2019

Rachel Raynor, Director, Central Coast SectionHello from the beautiful Central Coast and more specifically, San Luis Obispo.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Rachel Raynor. I am the newly appointed Central Coast APA Director, which encompasses San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties. A graduate from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, I was fortunate enough to stay local after graduating and I currently am an Associate Planner at RRM Design Group in San Luis Obispo. I’m excited to step into this new role. However, being involved in APA is by no means new to me – I am a Co-Chair in the upcoming APA California Conference in Santa Barbara and was previously the San Luis Obispo Subsection Director.  
The Central Coast Board and I are excited to bring its membership new events and opportunities to engage with other planners on the Central Coast, as well as connect with and learn from other disciplines and professionals in the industry. We’re excited to see what the next couple of years have for our small but mighty section of planners. Feel free to reach out with any ideas for events for the various sections of APA here on the Central Coast, thoughts you would like to share, or if you just want to connect. My email is rcraynor@rrmdesign.com if you would like to connect over email and/or connect with me on LinkedIn.
I look forward to meeting you if I haven’t already! Sincerely, 
Rachel Raynor

Director, Central Coast Section

American Planning Association, California Chapter

New Planner Arrives on Central Coast
June 23, 2019

The Central Coast Section sends its most heartfelt congratulations to Tess Harris and her growing family as they welcome Nelle Lillian Morain! Nelle was born to parents Tess and Tony on June 4th, 2019.

Tess Harris is an active member of the Central Coast Section’s Executive Board of Directors as the Santa Barbara Sub-Section Director. Additionally, Tess is a leading figure in preparing for the 2019 APA California Conference in Santa Barbara later this year as a conference co-chair.

Congratulations Nelle, Tess, and Tony!

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